Program your money

Altalix enables fiat currencies on the blockchain, opening a world of smart contracts.


We issue digital currencies pegged to national currencies and backed with fiat money in a bank account.


Our solution enables smart contracts to operate with fiat currencies opening a world of programmable money.


Altalix is regulated by the FCA and registered as a small e-money institution.

About Altalix

Altalix offer a solution for national currencies on the blockchain, and automation of payments via smart contracts.

As part of the FCA sandbox program, Altalix has successfully tested payments to charities via smart contracts under the supervision of the FCA.

Altalix was one of the very first companies to receive a license from the FCA to issue national currencies on Distributed Ledger Technology.

Altalix technology and intellectual property have been developed and financed by a grant from the British government (total cost of the project: £550,000). Altalix is a spinoff of Tramonex which is an Authorised Payment Institution.

Our Team

Our core team is composed of ex-Goldman Sachs quants and developers with 25 years in the financial industry and experience in banking, payments, Fintech and Distributed Ledger Technology.

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  • Altalix, 23-24 Smithfield Street, London, EC1A 9LF, United Kingdom
  • +44 (0)20 3745 6980