Bridging the Real and the Crypto worlds

Altalix enables national currencies on the blockchain, opening limitless payment options.


Altalix issues stable and exchangeable digital currencies backed fully by reserves held in segregated bank accounts.


We create smart contracts that operate with fiat currencies, opening a world of programmable money and enabling highly complex conditional transactions.


Altalix is regulated by the FCA and registered as a small e-money institution.

About Altalix

Altalix offers a solution for national currencies on the blockchain, bridging the gap between banking infrastructure and the blockchain ecosystem.

As part of the FCA sandbox program, Altalix successfully tested conditional payments to charities via smart contracts.

Altalix was one of the very first companies to receive a licence from the FCA to issue national currencies on Distributed Ledger Technology.

A government grant scheme - Innovate UK - provided the initial finance for the development of our technology and intellectual property.

Our Team

Our core team is composed of academics and highly experienced investment banking, quantitative development and systems architecture professionals from technology, engineering, legal, finance, payments and FinTech backgrounds.

Get in touch

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  • Altalix, 41 Luke Street, London, EC2A 4DP, United Kingdom
  • +44 (0)20 3870 4130